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Have You Been Hacking Lately? If Not Why Not?

November 12, 2015

NO…. We are not suggesting you all try to break into any company computers (THIS IS ILLEGAL) or go out horse riding in the countryside!

What we mean is have you tried any life hacks? A ‘Life Hack’ is a tool or technique which makes any aspect of your life slightly easier or more efficient. It is a term which has been around for over 10 years now and was used by Danny O’Brien, a technology journalist, when he was describing shortcuts IT professionals use to get their work done more quickly. It has now grown to include anything which simplifies life.

One of the most famous life hacks is using an empty plastic bottle to separate eggs. You simply crack the eggs into a bowl then use an empty plastic bottle to ‘suck up’ the yolks. A great time saver for any budding chef.

Recently the Independent Newspaper listed their 10 best life hacks which we would like to share with you;

  • Make eggshell come off effortlessly by adding one teaspoon of baking soda when boiling the egg.
  • Use dental floss to cut a cake into perfectly sized pieces.
  • Put your smart phone into a cup to make your morning alarm louder.
  • Use the sticky side of post-it notes to clean dirt and dust from between the keys of your keyboard.
  • Cut open a toilet roll and use it to stop your wrapping paper from unrolling.
  • Remove the stem of a strawberry by poking a straw all the way through.
  • Drink a glass of water while drinking coffee it will protect your tee
  • Put a small amount of water in a glass inside the microwave to stop the crust of your pizza getting chewy when you heat it up.
  • When you open a fizzy drinks can don’t pull the tab right off use it to hold your straw in place.
  • Use a paper clip to find the end of a tape roll more easily.

Do you have any more life hacks? Please post them on our Facebook page if you do.


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