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Should I trust HMRC to give me the right tax code?

May 6, 2014

Here is a real life example of one of our contractors who was given the wrong tax code by HMRC, however our team was on hand to identify the error and the contractor saved his money!

“You mentioned my tax code for the new tax year was lower than it should be, and that HMRC should either give an explanation or correct it. So after our chat, I got onto the taxman as you advised.

Long story short, I had 2 jobs in 2012 including Carrington.

I used the same P45, which meant I got a tax refund from both of you.

I was therefore using the same tax code for both jobs, so I was getting more allowance than I was entitled to.

I was knocked onto 664L to rectify the issue in the 2013/14 tax year, and then an admin error at HMRC then knocked me down to 544L at the start of this new tax year (2014/15). When in fact, I had paid back my owed tax and should now be on a tax code of 1000L!!! They have amended my records to reflect a tax code of 1000L.

With the wedding coming up and everything else, this money will be really helpful and it’s all because of you.

Thank you so much. I’d have left it otherwise and just assumed that I still owed them money.”

Mr C. Ayers

April 2014

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