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I have not got round to signing my contract with Carrington yet, is this a problem?

Yes, we need this signed before we can process payroll and make any payment to you.

What method do you use to pay me?

You will be paid by CHAPS, this means you will get the money the same day Carrington does.

How do I advise you of my hours?

Fax a copy of your timesheet (provided by agency) to Carrington (CMS) on 020 7324 6031. The signed original should be sent to the agent.

What is best for me? Weekly or monthly payroll processing?

We recommend monthly as we only have to rely on the agent making payment once not 4 times.

If I want to change from weekly to monthly payroll or vice versa can I do this?

No, once you have chosen you will need to stay on that payment frequency until the end of the tax year on 5 April.

Do I need to confirm you have received my timesheet if I fax it?

It is wise to ring your accountant on 020 7324 6020 to confirm that we have received the fax, alternatively email us on

What if my manager has not signed off my timesheet?

With some agencies you run the risk of the agency not paying our invoice if there is no signed timesheet, this will mean that you will not be paid. It is always best to check with your agency

What do you need to put me on the payroll?

We will need your P45 from your last employer or if you have not been employed in the UK this tax year, you need to sign a P46 that CMS will give you.

How long does this take to clear in my account?

We will pay you the same day we receive payment from the agent. This will arrive as cleared funds in your account almost immediately.

If I miss the agents' invoice deadline by a day will my payment be delayed by a day?

No it will be delayed by a week.

How long will the agent take to pay you?

This will be dependent on their payment schedules, which are usually on a specified day each week. For the fastest payment, we recommend that you fax timesheets to us by 3pm Friday for weekly payroll and by 3pm on the last day of the month for monthly payroll.

Do I get taxed on the fee deducted by CMS?


Why do you deduct holiday pay from the money you receive?

It is a requirement for UK employers to pay a basic level of holiday pay, we will set a percentage of you wages aside as holiday pay for you. If you do not have a holiday it will be paid to you once your contract ends. You may notify Carrington of your wish to have holiday pay paid to you as you earn it, but this will mean that when you do take holiday, there will be no further payment as you have no holiday fund to fall back on.

Why do you deduct Employers National Insurance from the amount you pay me, I am not an employer?

CMS is the employer and, as is the same for all employers in the UK, has to pay Employers NI on your salary out of the gross sum received from the agent.

Do I pay tax and NI on holiday pay?

Yes, it is treated the same as normal pay.

Can I claim expenses?

Yes, travel expenses to your contract can be claimed as can expenses you are required to incur because of the contract e.g. equipment purchases without which you would not be able to fulfill the contract. To qualify for travel expenses you will need to confirm that you intend to carry out multiple contracts rather than just a once off.

How do I claim expenses?

By using one of our blank Expense Claim Forms which can be e-mailed to you.

Must I keep receipts for expenses?

Yes (except as stated in the Expenses Policy) otherwise HMRC may levy backtax on both CMS and you if it is not satisfied with your expenses during any future routine inspection of our records.

Am I taxed on my expenses?

There is no Employers NI, Employees NI nor PAYE deducted from expenses.

I will be doing my expenses on my new laptop, can I claim for the laptop on my expenses?

No, you can only claim for equipment which is necessarily purchased for the contract and which is a prerequisite of the contract.

How can I check whether you are calculating my salary correctly?

CMS will send you an analysis of how the gross amount received by us is broken down and who receives what.

Do I also get a payslip?


Can you assist me in filing my self assessment each year?

Yes, we have an experienced team of accountants who can assist you in preparing your personal tax returns due at HMRC by the 31st January each year. Click here for more details.