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Meet the team

Nicky Owen

Favourite movie?

The Shawshank Redemption, great acting and an emotional rollercoaster but ultimately uplifting.

Best ever holiday?

Skiing in Austria in February 2013. Watching my children learn to ski and getting better and better as the week went on was a great feeling.

Which two famous people would you invite to your dinner party?

I’d say Usain Bolt. It would be great to have dinner with the world’s fastest man and he looks to have a great sense of humour too! I’d also say George Clooney, why? Well its obvious isn’t it!

Favourite App?

It has to be Always inspirational ideas on where to go for a holiday, easy to navigate, great photos

John Mumford

Group Director
Favourite movie?

Fight Club, but can’t tell you why as the first rule is not to talk about Fight Club!

Best ever holiday?

Completing the 150 mile Marathon Des Sables in the Sahara desert. Not exactly a holiday but the best thing I have done in my life as a personal journey and proof that a strong mind can triumph over the weakness of the body.

Which two famous people would you invite to your dinner party?

Bear Grylls and Ray Mears to bring their own favourite wild foodstuff for me to decide who is king chef of the wilderness.

Favourite App?

Very tricky  – I reckon it will be the BBC iPlayer radio app so I can keep updated on sport on the move, followed closely by the Carrington website of course.

John has also been featured in the RICS Journal as an expenses expert

Luke Parker

Favourite movie?

Probably Blade Runner, as it’s a great film exploring what it means to be human.  It’s also set in a very believable future.

Best ever holiday?

Best ever holiday would probably have to be the five weeks my friends and I spent travelling around the West Indies during the Cricket World Cup in 2007.  We went to every Australian game, except the semi-final, as we were on the wrong island, but still got to see Sri Lanka win their semi.  And also see Australia lift the trophy – of course!

Which two famous people would you invite to your dinner party?

Hmmm… a hard question.  For living people, one would have to be the Queen, as I’m sure she’d be great fun and have lots of stories!  The other, maybe someone like Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher or Merv Hughes, for the same reasons.

Favourite Websites?

Evernote, definitely, for keeping track of all the things I’d write down and then leave behind somewhere.  And of course Google Maps – how can that not be on everyone’s favourite list?!

Nisar Ahmed Khusro

Accounts Executive
Favourite movie?

Gandhi, because the message of simplicity can achieve so much.

Best ever holiday?

My European tour was my best holiday because I saw four countries in the space of 15 days.

Which two famous people would you invite to your dinner party?

I’d say Chief Minister and Small industry Minister of Andhra Pradesh India.

Favourite App?

I love cricket, so BBC Sport & Cricinfo are my favourites!

3 reasons to Join Carrington Umbrella:

  1. Join the Community at the lowest rate
    We charge only £11.65 net per week – all inclusive! Contractors have a sense of community when they join us.
  2. Impartial
    We offer both Umbrella services and Limited company set ups, so we’ll never push you in one specific direction and are completely unbiased! We listen to what you want, what you need, and then we offer our advice on what will best suit your circumstances.
  3. We are the Best
    Carrington was voted the UK’s No. 1 contractor accountants in 2009. Carrington accountants are PCG accredited and are always undergoing further studies. We mean business and by us understanding the contractor market so well and being up to date with all tax efficiency measures, we can offer the best advice and service to you.

Want further information on Umbrella payroll or claiming expenses? Talk to the team on 020 7397 2882 or email us.

I always felt that they were working for me, and would certainly recommend their services.
BP Contractor
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