Carrington Umbrella is a compliant and efficient
umbrella payroll service

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Head over to our sister company, Carrington Accountancy.

Salary Sacrifice Scheme

We offer a salary sacrifice scheme which enables you to fund your own pension.



Umbrella PAYE or Limited Company – we advise which is best for you

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Freelancer or Contractor?


Visit our Join Us page to fill out the take-home pay form and one of our experts will get back to you. We have developed an affordable service which provides the support, safety and freedom that you need in order to focus fully on your contract.

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Why use Carrington Umbrella?

Carrington Umbrella Ltd is based in the City of London offering payroll services for UK Freelancers and Contractors. Carrington Umbrella offers unbiased advice to contractors who may need to set-up and run a Limited company, or who may need to work through an Umbrella Company. Our expert services are tailored around the client’s individual business needs and their personal aspirations.

Fast Payment

Faster Payments to you usually within 2 hours – much quicker than BACS.

Payment to suit you

Pick monthly or weekly payments with any expenses claimed.

Super Team

Unrivalled customer service with dedicated account managers.

Free advice

Free advice from claiming expenses to general payroll queries & advice.

Calculate My Pay

Fill out some simple details on our Join Us page and we will calculate your take home pay.

Pension Salary Sacrifice

Fund your own pension via our salary sacrifice scheme – contact us to find out more.