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We can take care of all your contractors PAYE needs
Less hassle for you and your client!

There are several reasons why Carrington Umbrella should be on your preferred supplier list.

Carrington Umbrella assists recruitment agencies with their contractor support – be it with our PAYE Umbrella Company or with Carrington Accountancy who specialise in contractor Limited Company services.

If you are searching for a new and improved umbrella service, looking to expand your PSL or simply want to find out more info about our fully compliant and FCSA approved service – please get in touch.

Great value service

We offer a very competitive margin so contractors on lower rates and those working on an ad hoc basis benefit from our services. 

Those receiving higher contract rates enjoy excellent value for money from such a low margin service This gives you great commercial value to your an agency and also for your workers.


We are fully FCSA accredited which gives you complete peace of mind in regard to the various compliance issues that both agencies and umbrella’s face.

We work with you to ensure all the legislative requirements are met e.g. AWR , Holiday pay etc . We will also keep you fully updated as to any legislative changes that may affect you and the worker.

Time saving

Our on-boarding process is fast and efficient, and we will always do our utmost to rectify any issue or problem that arises as quickly as possible.

We make sure we keep you updated during the initial stages and provide full ongoing support This means you don’t have to spend your time dealing with payroll queries or chasing up referrals.


We always make our payroll process as simple as possible for both you and your workers.

We can adapt easily to your processes and timescales and will integrate what we do with your systems for a more efficient system all round.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated management team are here to look after each of our agencies with referrals and sign-ups.

We will always respond quickly to your needs and your point of contact will be there to help with on-going support and any query resolution.

Learn more how we can support you
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