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Refer a friend

Carrington Umbrella has grown its business by developing long term relationships with our clients.

By delivering on the high quality of service we have promised, our clients have introduced their colleagues, family and friends to us and we have been successful in giving many more contractors peace of mind and made their lives simpler.

Recommend Carrington to a friend. Receive up to £50.

No-one is in a better position to recommend our service than you.

If you know of any contractors who would benefit from our services, why not introduce them to us? We would be happy to extend our promise of service excellence to them too and reward you with a referral bonus!

In fact, it can be a very rewarding experience. If you’re satisfied with the job we’re doing, don’t keep it to yourself, refer us to a friend or colleague and, when they join us, we’ll give you £25 for a new umbrella customer and £50 for a limited company customer. It’s our way of saying a big THANK YOU.

The contractor you refer must have paid to use our services for a minimum of 12 weeks. Once this qualifying period has ended, please send an email to telling us who you referred and your preferred postal address. You can choose to be paid via BACS, cheque or vouchers.

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