Umbrella or Ltd?

we advise which is best for you

Our sister company Carrington Accountancy offers completely unbiased advice to contractors who may need to set-up and run a limited company or who may need to work through an Umbrella Company.

We provide expert services tailored around the client’s individual business needs and their personal aspirations.

Limited Company


  • The most efficient way of working.
  • Claim a wider range of expenses
  • Access to the Flat Rate VAT scheme.
  • You keep complete control of your financial affairs meaning you do not have to risk your money with any third party administrator.
  • Running your own business isn’t difficult; submit spreadsheets to your accountant – just like umbrella time-sheets and expenses.
  • Greater opportunity for tax planning than PAYE Umbrella


  • There is a certain amount of paperwork involved, usually about 10 – 15 minutes per month. Raise your own invoices, make payments & pay your own tax.
  • Can be costly if you contract for a very short period of time, then go back to permanent employment.
  • Not ideal for contracts less than £25k per year.

PAYE Umbrella


  • Very easy to use, you simply enter your timesheet and expense details and wait to be paid.
  • All tax and NI is deducted before you receive your money, so you will have no further taxes to pay.
  • Ideal for short term contracts.
  • Ideal for contracts less than £25k per year.
  • Good if you are unsure if contracting is for you and you’re really just in between permanent jobs.
  • Someone else will be doing all the paperwork.


  • You will receive a salary that is subject to full PAYE Tax and NI, it’s just like being a permanent member of staff again.
  • You are reliant on the umbrella company to collect your money from the client or agent and then to pay it on to you.

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