About Us

City of London-based Umbrella Payroll Services for UK Freelancers and Contractors

We have an experienced team of trained accountants working hard to offer the best payroll and PAYE service with expert advice on claiming expenses. We have developed an affordable service which provides the support, safety and freedom that you need in order to focus fully on your contract.

We thrive on super customer service as well as ensuring you are paid fast with fixed low cost fees. We work with the most reputable agencies, contractors & freelancers in London and the rest of the UK.

Trouble-free, Affordable, Tax Saving, Flexible, Experienced Accountants

Specialising in providing an Umbrella service for those freelancers & contractors on short-term contracts or who are unsure of long term plans, we provide expert tax advice, particularly around claimable expenses.

We’re an umbrella company that allows you to claim bona fide expenses, which means more pay in your pocket. You have no admin, no commitment, no hassle and no limited company statutory or legislative worries and responsibilities!

Why Join Us?

Join the Community

Contractors have a sense of community when they join us, being able to join us on Social Media.

We also have a dynamic and interesting blog where we are always sharing tax saving tips and industry news.


We offer both Umbrella services and Limited company set-up, so we will never push you in one specific direction and are completely unbiased!

We listen to what you want, what you need, and then we offer our advice on what will best suit your circumstances, a very personal and individual experience for each new client.

We are the best

We aren’t just some flimsy payroll manager. Our accountants are always undergoing further studies.

We mean business and by us understanding the contractor market so well and being up to date with all tax efficiency measures, we can offer the best advice and service to you.