The Mega Mini Budget

calculator with pound coin

Unless you have taken yourself off to somewhere on the planet that has no communication with the outside world, you will already be aware of the reverberations from Kwasi Kwarteng’s first ‘mini budget’ announced last Friday.


Billed as the ‘new approach for a new era’ the extensive tax cuts and changes to the IR35 legislation grabbed the headlines initially, however, today things don’t look quite so rosy. Just this morning the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have stated that the tax cuts should be reversed, and it seems like further increases in interest rates are on the cards.


I am attaching our Budget report below, and there is much to digest.

Fiscal Statement -September 2022


Please don’t hesitate to contact myself of one of my team if you would like to discuss anything. We are here to support and help you plan through what could be somewhat of a rollercoaster economic ride.